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AI prediction for active safety


Don't guess, predict.

ototo is an AI-powered platform that predicts the behavior of cars, pedestrians, and other road users, providing crucial warning of risks - seconds before they occur. 

Precise prediction


More accurate than existing perception or fusion alone

Early warning

4+ sec

Gained before a dangerous situation develops

Perception/fusion errors corrected, overcoming sensor issues and object occlusion

Error correction



How it works

Predict. Warn. Guide.

ototo’s AI solution provides a human-level understanding of all road users. Using a novel Symbolic AI mathematical model of the road the ototo technology achieves unprecedented accuracy of prediction even in low visibility, warning drivers of risks before they occur.

Unprecedented accuracy

Thanks to a novel Symbolic AI mathematical model, the ototo platform corrects, in real time, errors due to sensor inaccuracy, perception limitations, and physical partial or full occlusion of objects

Real-time prediction

The ototo platform delivers a perception-plus object stream that, in real time, provides predictions of object locations and behavior up to 8 seconds ahead, even in complex urban road situations

human level.png

Human-level understanding

Using non-linear prediction powered by artificial intelligence, ototo is the only human-level prediction module out there, transforming the future of Next-gen ADAS and Smart Infrastructure.

Changing the future of active safety

Join us in creating safer roads using accurate prediction

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